6 1 collate information about an individuals communication and the support provided

APP on critical incident management RP lead investigators should recognise and take account of the impact a road death, life changing injuries and their investigation have on the community. The level of impact assessment and involvement will vary.

6 1 collate information about an individuals communication and the support provided

Registered consultants will automatically be considered for consultancy openings if their profiles match an advertised offer. Fifteen 15 months Lead Organization Unit: The present call for proposal is part of the broader process of development of national land policy in DRC.

And shall contribute to the development of models and mechanisms for securing community land rights in forest areas and vicinity, to inform policy options for the national land policy process in DRC.

To reach those goals the implementing partners shall support the strengthening of the capacity of land administration and change agents through the establishment of land information system LIS that contributes to tenure security improvement and natural resource governance particularly for rural communities in forest context in the Ituri Province Terrioire de Mambasa.

The LIS entails the establishment of a cadaster or local registry documenting land rights and the use of identified lands. Main Outputs and Activities In close collaboration with UN-Habitat regional and country officesLand and Global Land Tool Network Unit, government and provincial authorities, and other land stakeholders, the Implementing Partner will be undertaking the following key interventions and activities as follows: On Land Policy Development: To support the validation process of the draft land policy by developing and implementing a plan or strategy for multi-stakeholder workshops, consultations and dialogues, including civil society organizations.

To mobilize various national experts to support the land policy development, validation, related communications, capacity development and consultations. To develop and implement a capacity development strategy for various target stakeholders: To develop and implement advocacy, communications, awareness building strategy around the land reform process towards validation and adoption of the national land policy; Document and share best practices from field cases in the course of the development of the land policy around some critical land related issues such land conflict mediation, local mechanisms for providing tenure security, community based land management.

To initiate consultations, learning exchanges and related events to improve knowledge and awareness on issues and measures for improving coordination and partnership among key stakeholders at community level including land administration, local actors and relevant stakeholders.

To ensure ownership of the land policy processes and outcomes by various stakeholders including at the local level through the implementation of a comprehensive and inclusive consultation strategy.

6 1 collate information about an individuals communication and the support provided

On Land Administration and Land Information: To establish partnerships and agreements with provincial government, land administration offices and key partners for a joint implementing of the Land information system LIS.

The LIS should be managed by the land administration services, and will document community land rights, individual and collective, and the use of the identified lands.

To design and implement a capacity development plan for the land administration, communities and local authorities for the operationalization and implementation of the Land Information System to be established. To procure satellite imagery for use in the project implementation area to support data collection on the community land use planning and for use for the LIS establishment.

Documentation of the process to inform future similar work methodological guide. A fit-for-purpose and sustainable LIS to provide data and improve access to tenure security for communities based on genuine collaboration and participation between land administration institutions, communities and local authorities.

On Provision of Land Tenure Security To plan and implement pro-poo, fit-for-purpose and gender-sensitive land tools to improve individual and communal land tenure security for small holder farmers, local communities and Indigenous Peoples in Inongo.

To develop and implement a plan, in partnership with provincial government, land administration, traditional chiefs and relevant stakeholders, to use land information system towards securing land rights for small holder farmers, local communities and indigenous people.

To develop and implement capacity development plan for land administration agents and communities and other key stakeholders private sector, CSO, traditional chiefs, etc. To provide training programmes to land administration staff members, a critical number of change agents and relevant actors on the use and application of land tools towards land tenure security in connection with other natural resources, including forest, at community level.

Community members in selected areas have access to appropriate mechanisms to secure land rights. On Overall Programme Management and Coordination: To prepare a detailed inception report in consultations with project stakeholders.

To develop baseline research work in target areas and end-of-project assessment. To develop and implement monitoring, documentation and evaluation plan To prepare progress and monitoring reports including audit and financial reports.

To develop and implement a communications strategy and risk management plan.

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To undertake site inspection, prepare engineering design and lay-out for the proposed building of the office for the land administration in Mambasa. To analyze, document and disseminate the experience, good practices and lessons learned.

Risk Analysis The following potential risks may occur, so the suggested mitigation factors need to be considered.The Life Satisfaction Su rvey (LSS) 6 9 Although the Life Satisfaction Survey is not intended to be prescriptive or diagnostic, it was designed to open exploration into any and all .

Administering the FOI Act — general considerations Key principles.

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The FOI Act closely regulates the way that agencies and ministers must process requests for access to documents. You’ll find this leaflet useful if you have hearing loss or are deaf or deafblind and want to find out about the different communication support services that can help.

You’ll also find useful information for booking communication support for an employee, client or student. To strengthen its dynamic and expert team around the world, UN-Habitat is constantly on the lookout for talented and motivated people who want to actively contribute to making our cities better places to live in.

Collate information about the relationship and the support provided We keep personal diaries in all the supported living environments of our company. By recording when the Service User has been out to see friends and family and who supported them we can build a picture and spot any trends.

6 1 Collate Information About An Individuals Communication And The Support Provided Title: Support Individuals With Specific Communication Needs Level: 3 Credit Value: 5 GLH 35 Learning Outcomes The learner will; Assessment Criteria The learner can; 1 Understand specific communication needs and factors affecting them 1 Explain the .

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