A biography of raymond carver

He was born in Oregon and spent his childhood in Washington State. His father worked at a sawmill and his mother did various jobs which included waitressing, clerk and a high school teacher.

A biography of raymond carver

He married a year after finishing high school and supported his wife and two children by working as a janitor, gas-station attendant, and delivery man.

From the SparkNotes Blog The exact date of his birth is uncertain and was not known to Carver — however it was before slavery was abolished in Missouri in January after the American Civil War.
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He became seriously interested in a writing career after taking a creative-writing course at Chico State College now California State UniversityChico in Carver began drinking heavily in and was repeatedly hospitalized for alcoholism in the s, while continuing to turn out short stories.

After conquering his drinking problem in the late s, he taught for several years at the University of Texas at El Paso and at Syracuse Universityand in he won a literary award whose generous annual stipend freed him to again concentrate on his writing full-time.

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While his short stories were what made his critical reputation, he was also an accomplished poet in the realist tradition of Robert Frost.

He died of lung cancer at age In his short stories Carver chronicled the everyday lives and problems of the working poor in the Pacific Northwest. His blue-collar characters are crushed by broken marriages, financial problems, and failed careers, but they are often unable to understand or even articulate their own anguish.

He is credited with helping revitalize the genre of the English-language short story in the late 20th century. Collected Stories [both ].Rosa Parks was born Rosa Louise McCauley on February 4, in Tuskegee, Alabama. Her parents were James and Lenora McCauley, James a carpenter and Lenora a schoolteacher.

Raymond is a male given regardbouddhiste.com was borrowed into English from French (older French spellings were Reimund and Raimund, whereas the modern English and French spellings are identical). It originated as the Germanic Raginmund or Reginmund.

" Ragin" and "regin" meant "counsel."The Old High German "mund" originally meant "hand," but came to mean "protection.". Raymond Carver, –88, American short-story writer, regardbouddhiste.comanie, Oreg.

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He was raised in the Pacific Northwest, where he often set his sparely written tales of everyday blue-collar life. Jeff Kinney Biography - Born on February 19, , Jeff Kinney is an American writer whose talents are not limited to writing alone.

A biography of raymond carver

He is also a cartoonist, producer and game. Raymond Carver Biography - Raymond Carver was a writer of short stories and poet who is known to be one of the most important contributors to the American literature.

He was born in Oregon and spent his childhood in Washington State. Raymond Carver, in full Raymond Clevie Carver, (born May 25, , Clatskanie, Oregon, U.S.—died August 2, , Port Angeles, Washington), American short-story writer and poet whose realistic writings about the working poor mirrored his own life.

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