A week in bed

I got a short run in on Monday and my lifting work in on Wednesday.

A week in bed

Finding minimalism in a world of consumerism. When the body is deprived of sleep, it is unable to rebuild and recharge itself adequately. Your body requires rest.

Ask any athlete and they will tell you rest is essential for physical training. Rest is needed for muscles to repair themselves and prevent injury. This is true whether you run marathons, pitch baseballs, or climb rocks. Your muscles require rest. Ask most religious leaders and they will tell you rest is essential for the soul.

Your soul requires rest. Ask many A week in bed leaders and they will tell you that rest is essential for productivity.

A week in bed

Everybody needs to rest and recharge. Physicians, athletes, philosophers, poets, religious leaders, and corporate leaders all tell us the same thing: It is absolutely essential for a balanced, healthy life. Even fewer would say they set aside any concentrated time hours for rest. There are just too many things to get done, too many demands, too many responsibilities, too many bills, and too much urgency.

Unfortunately, this hectic pace is causing damage to our quality of life.

Why your doctor might prescribe activity restriction

We are destroying every sense of our being body, mind, and soul. There is a reason we run faster and work harder, but only fall further behind. Our lives have become too full and too out of balance. Somewhere along the way, we lost the essential practice of concentrated rest.

But we would be wise to reclaim the practice of resting one day each week. Consider the benefits of concentrated rest for your body, mind, and soul: We each get one life and one body to live it in. Therefore, we eat healthy, we exercise, and we watch our bad habits.

But then we allow our schedules to fill up from morning to evening. Rest is as essential to our physical health as the water we drink and the air we breathe. Stress is the perception that the situations we are facing are greater than the resources we have to deal with them—resources such as time, energy, ability, and help from others.

Concentrated rest confronts stress in two ways. First, it reduces the demands of the situation.


We have no demands on us as long as we have the ability to mentally let go of unfinished tasks.A man who showed up at a Gary City Council meeting infested with bed bugs prompted officials to remove two rows of seating from the building. Menu.

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