Church government

What does the Bible say about the form of church government? The Lord was very clear in His Word about how He wishes His church on earth to be organized and managed.

Church government

Charity is not wrong. Fast offerings are not deducted from your paycheck, or enforced by armed officers.

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Buzzards Imagine what would happen to the welfare rolls if your needs were determined by a local bishop, who then sent you to the storehouse, and if necessary, cut checks for your bills rather than just giving you a cash payment.

Cancel all those subscriptions to People magazine! When my mom passed away i was willed her laptop. Be careful that you are not committing your own sin.


Judge not lest ye be judged or have you forgotten. Not reaching hard but finding he who is without sin cast the first stone. I feed and house my child with The few things I have i received when my Church government passed away. I know the church is true and I believe in our prophet.

So I will not let behavior like yours pull me from the church. My heavenly father gives me and my daughter what we need when we need it. Most of the people I met on Church welfare were in a very similar situation to the one she described above.

My post was not meant to be a judgements merely a statement as to why church welfare is a success compared to government assistance. Gov assistance is easily abused and I think that is a shame because it makes things more difficult on those who truly need it for necessities.

Sorry if I offended, that was not my intent. LaNae We have seen them pull out money, pass the cash to the next person behind them who in turn buys boos, wine, or other beverages not allowed by wic or food stamps. Hard to get those images out of your mind and not think the worst of people who are on government assistance when you witness these things over and over first-hand….

Tina Marie Jackman Shepherd i like the saying….

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I also agree that the government should verify the need prior to just cutting a check, and those checks should go straight to the end receiver, not to the person receiving the assistance.

If they need food, give them food. If they need Utilities paid, pay the utilities directly.

Church government

If they need clothes, provide them clothes. With a little bit of reform, the welfare system could become a great thing with limited abuse, just as it is in the church.

Church government

He was talking about the US welfare program in general.Why did Rome adopt Christianity as the Universal (Catholic) religion of the empire? In the fourth century Christianity was adopted by the Roman Imperial Government as the official religion of the empire.

Ecclesiastical polity is the operational and governance structure of a church or of a Christian denomination. It also denotes the ministerial structure of a church and the authority relationships between churches. It is commonly agreed that Jesus is the head of the church (Col.

), and has delegated His authority to be exercised through the government of the church. However the method of church government is sometimes an object of debate, and is one of the primary differences between some denominations. History. Among the early church fathers, it was noted that the offices of elder and bishop were identical, and were not differentiated until later, and that plurality of elders was the norm for church government.

St. WASHINGTON – As an answer to the government shutdown crisis, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced that Church President Thomas S. Monson met with President Obama today with one single proposal: “The LDS Church will run the government during the shutdown.”.

Biblical Church Government: The Church Fulfilling Its Calling [Frank H. Walker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Few churches today show much interest in church government.

Either they assume that the Bible has nothing to say about the subject.