College admission essay yahoo answers

Share Colleges are sure to find your international baccalaureate degree impressive - but not if you call it an "international bachelorette" on your application. What are some other mistakes that drive college admissions staffers crazy - and sometimes send the applicant straight to the rejection pile?

College admission essay yahoo answers

What Makes a Good College Essay? This article is an excerpt from the book College Essays That Made a Difference "The admissions officers reading your essay want it to prove to them two things.

First, they want it to show that you can write at a college level, which means that you have a command of the English language and can use it to craft a cogent written statement.

Admissions officers are interested in seeing that you understand sentence and paragraph structure and can pace a narrative. Oh yes, and that you know what a narrative is in the first place.

So keep it brief and coherent. It should sound like the way you would talk when you speak with correct grammar, of course. Choosing a topic Time and again admissions officers tell us that they want to see students write their college essay about something they, the students, actually care about.

Write about something you do, not something you would do if you were president of the United States unless specifically asked to do so.

These include sex, drugs especially your sex life or drug useor violent events in which you participated. Admissions officers also tire of reading travelogues and stories of how you recovered from a sports injury. Want to make them groan? Rehash the extracurricular activities that you already listed on the section of the application devoted to them, or editorialize on the top news item of the day.

This is why you should have someone else read your essay: What do they like to read about? Curiosity, passion, and persistence. These are the sorts of attributes that great college students have. These great students go on to be great alumni. Colleges that have great students and great alumni tend to attract quality applicants, and on the cycle goes.

Let your narrative do this. Please use your own "voice," especially when writing your personal statement. This should not be an exercise in packing in as many SAT-prep words as possible!

Students who take some calculated risks in their essays, and in doing so, really show their personality. John Latting, director of admissions at Johns Hopkins University: It seems to me that we work hard to craft questions that prevent that, but we see students who are too cautious.

Be adventurous intellectually-write unconventionally. Robinson, dean of admissions and financial aid at Macalester College: Use your own voice.

College admission essay yahoo answers

Address any questions the admissions committee may have about your application up front. Tell your "story," if you have one.Feb 01,  · Best Answer: What Makes a Good College Essay? This article is an excerpt from the book College Essays That Made a Difference "The admissions officers reading your essay want it to prove to them two Resolved.

Jan 21,  · I'm writing my college application essay in the next few days. The essay question is: Share with us more information about yourself, your experiences or any other topic you feel would help us to know you Resolved.

List of the Most Creative College Essay Answers. Jun 06, The personal statement or essay can be one of the most intimidating parts of a college application. Apr 05,  · For Kenworthy, nailing his admissions essay was also important. After he was deferred from early action at Harvard, he felt compelled to change his essay topic.

Dec 01,  · Best Answer: I think you can work with the possibilities you've described so far. In fact, they are excellent grist for the mill, so to speak, for a college admissions essay. Take the "work hard to get what you want" Resolved.

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