Creative writing activities for thanksgiving

Now, let's have fun practicing letter writing skills. Remember to relate this skill to real life as much as possible so your child sees the importance of writing letters. My kids write Santa a letter every year before Christmas. If we leave the letters in our mailbox with a return address, our local post office will write the children back.

Creative writing activities for thanksgiving

Try some of these with your students: Pretend you are a very smart and special turkey. You can both understand English and write you type with your beak! Most stores used to be closed on Thanksgiving, with many opening early on Friday for the first of the holiday sales. Now, some stores are having their sales on Thanksgiving Day.

Do you think this is a good idea or a bad one? Write a paragraph supporting your viewpoint.

Assembling Directions and Grading Rubric

Write a summary of the plot of the episode you would write. Or, for a longer project, write the actual script. Write an acrostic poem for one of these words: How was the first Thanksgiving different from the Thanksgivings we celebrate today? In what ways are they the same? Write about a special Thanksgiving tradition in your family.

creative writing activities for thanksgiving

Would you prefer to have a small Thanksgiving dinner with just your immediate family or attend a large dinner with lots of extended family and friends?

Explain Thanksgiving to a person from another country who has never heard of it. Would you have preferred to be a pilgrim or a Native American? Pretend you were at the first Thanksgiving as a pilgrim. Write a journal entry about your day. How would Thanksgiving be different if it was celebrated in August instead of November?

In what ways do you think Thanksgiving will be different 50 years in the future? You have been given a pet turkey.

How will you take care of it? Write a descriptive paragraph about your favorite Thanksgiving dish. Use lots of sensory details. What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

creative writing activities for thanksgiving

Why is it your favorite? The newspaper headline is: What does being thankful mean to you? Write about a special Thanksgiving memory.Creative Writing: From Greek Gods to Modern Superheroes Subjects Language Arts --English --Writing Social Sciences --World History.

Nov 11,  · November writing is all about being thankful - thankful for what we have and for what others have done to allow us to have what we have!

From Thanksgiving to Veterans Day, there are a ton of great writing activities and . I'm sharing 20 Thanksgiving writing prompts with you to not only help your students explore sentiments of gratitude and thanks but to also explore history. This first grade writer's workshop bundle is aligned to the Common Core standards and helps students work through the writing process.

Students will brainstorm, draw, write, revise, edit and publish their own writing pieces for each genre of writing. You will find some Thanksgiving and November writing prompts below that contain underlined links.

If you click on an underlined link: You will be directed to another page on Unique Teaching Resources that contains detailed lesson plan ideas and printable worksheets for those November writing prompts.

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