How to retain pulchritude while lost

Can I ask you a few questions? I can quit anytime, you know.

How to retain pulchritude while lost

Can I ask you a few questions? I can quit anytime, you know. The answer is always: However, sometimes I think I should write all this down into a nice big blog post so that people can read all this at their leisure.

The problem with writing about eReaders, though, is that there is always a new line coming out. The big differences out there are screen size, screen type, navigation type, weight, and integrated reading software. So now what does this all mean? Most eReader screens are 6", which is about the size of a mass market paperback book.

Anything under 7 oz is probably fine for the average user, and even I can use the 10 oz Sony PRS without trouble. Screen Type is something of a biggie.

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The first big question is: LCD is basically a computer screen: Or you can also read at the computer. If you go eInk, your options branch a little further. With eInk, there are a couple more choices, notably: Many older devices and third-party lines, including the PocketBook line, have "regular" screens.

Here are some photographs I took to demonstrate the difference: There are two types of screens: Touch screens mean that you can use your finger and possibly a stylus, depending on device to navigate your library; non-touch screens come with keys or keyboards for device navigation.

Of the non-touch eInk devices, the biggies would be the Kindle 3 and the PocketBook The Kindle 3 has a built in physical keyboard that is used for device navigation; the PocketBook has a direction pad and 3 dedicated buttons, all of which can pull double duty via short-press and long-press and which are customizable in terms of which key does what.

The Nook Simple Touch has two page turn buttons right and left side ; the Kobo Touch has no buttons whatsoever. Well, except a power button, I suppose. This is the device style that I personally prefer -- touch for easy library navigation and buttons for options menus and page turns.

Since the Sony PRS touch screens are infrared, they can be used with a fine-tip stylus and they can be placed in a water-proof pouch and then navigated via the button interface.

Of the LCD devices, you get touch, period. There are a lot of different ways to approach library management, and this is one area where the devices are very different but not always clearly articulated. Do you like to buy one book, read it, archive it forever, and then go on to the next one?

If so, then just about any reader will work for you, and probably your biggest priority will be buying one that integrates easily with your store of choice and maybe even has WiFi or 3G support. Do you own hundreds or thousands of books and the appeal of an eReader is being able to carry around your entire library with you at all times?

Why do I say that? Well, the Nook readers and the Kobo readers and -- to the best of my knowledge -- the Kindle readers all basically dump your entire library into a big old bucket. The Sony PRS readers, in contrast, allow Calibre which you should totally use to store your 1, book library to send metadata to the device with the books, and this metadata is organized into "Sony Collections".

Currently I send several types of metadata with each book to my Sony device: This means that I can go into my Collections view and see a list that looks like this: Clicking on "fiction adult literature " will show me all the books in that category.

Clicking on "audio yes Audiobook " will show me all the books in that category -- some of which are also included in the "fiction adult literature " category.Tonight is the last day of the Chinese lunar calendar.

We are entering the year of the dog, particularly auspicious as we have so many dogs in the family (my father, my husband, my son), from an astrology perspective and also because many are actually dogs.

Corn silk: This herb is traditionally used for the treatment of water retention in some parts of the world. Nettle: This is another folk remedy used to reduce water retention.

How to retain pulchritude while lost

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