How to write a travel brochure for students

Activity Description If children and teens have the opportunity to visit someplace new or if they are interested in particular locations, invite them to create a travel brochure to share information about the place with others. They can draw pictures, use photographs, add maps, and write details about what they see or learn. In the end, they will be creating their own souvenirs! Why This Is Helpful The activity requires children and teens to think about details from a place they have visited or a place they might want to visit.

How to write a travel brochure for students

The cover is one of the key elements of the brochure, since it must motivate the potential client to look inside and read further. Therefore, placing an intriguing idea, as well as catchy photos and colors on the cover will help attract prospective customers.

You are free to experiment with different shapes and designs to find a solution that matches the goal you are pursuing.

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For example, if you sell tour packages, why not make your brochure look like a plane, or a suitcase plastered with stickers?

A testimonial is a quote from a satisfied customer. Brochures add credibility to your company. People tend to believe that if a company produces printed materials, it is more trustworthy. Do use bulleted lists when possible. Do try to make your brochure as helpful as possible. Do leave some space, free from any text or graphics in your brochure.

Do only use quality paper. In most cases, glossy thick paper works best, although there can be exceptions.

Do keep it relatively simple. Using too many fonts and bold lettering, tilt, and color will make your brochure look unprofessional. In most cases, a simple design is more efficient and easier to perceive. Include only graphical and textual information that directly refers to what you are selling.

Active voice sounds more vivid, which attracts customers. They can be bright and rich but totally inappropriate together. A black and white design can be a significant feature of your brand or corporate identity, but if you refuse to use colors to save money, it may make your company look amateurish.

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Your brochure should be unique and use custom illustrations, not generic ones. Check out our brochure sample here.The interactive Printing Press is designed to assist students in creating newspapers, brochures, and flyers.

Teachers and students can choose from several templates to publish class newspapers, informational brochures, and flyers announcing class events. However, if the brochure is about a country, the student needs to decide if it will be a travel brochure, a brochure about historical sites, a brochure about water ways, a brochure about fine dining, etc.

how to write a travel brochure for students

How to make a travel brochure! Making a travel brochure is a fun thing to do! None of the penguins at Penguin School ever want to leave the iceberg – they don’t want to go on holiday!

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Anywhere! But my family are world-famous explorers so I’m making some travel brochures to try and change their minds! Free Travel Brochure Templates & Examples Whether your clients are looking to travel to Hawaii or Helsinki, you’ll be able to show them why they should choose you with a professional travel brochure.

54 Best Travel Brochures Examples As a little travel organization, it’s precarious to battle with the combinations inside the tourism business. The case has quite recently deteriorated with the condition of economy that we have nowadays therefore of more individuals .

Writing a Brochure Brochures are one of the most popular marketing tools to help organizations quickly draw the attention of prospective customers. Brochures can be distributed manually, via mail or email, or placed in brochure racks.

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