Marital bliss

Final Tip — Close Joint Accounts. In Minnesota, all property acquired during the marriage by either party is presumed to be marital property. The philosophy underlying this is that marriage is a full partnership, and that the contributions of a homemaker are equal in value to those of the bread-winner. This marital property includes pensions and retirement investments acquired or earned during the marriage, as well as equity in property built up during the marriage.

Marital bliss

Over the years, love deepens, the bond strengthens, but our feeling of marital satisfaction waxes and wanes. During the "bad times," there is more arguing and blaming, less sharing and touching, fewer moments of joy and appreciation.

But we weather the storms, and some 50 percent of us do stay married. What most couples don't realize, say marriage experts, is that there are things they can do to ensure better times than worse, to make riding out the storms smoother and easier.

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Marriage is like a beautiful garden, says Renee Colclough Hinson, Ph. If tended to, it will thrive, but if neglected, it will wither and die.

Marital bliss

Believing that the good times will continue to roll on their own is setup for disappointment and disillusionment, she adds.

The fact is that all marriages have problems that cause conflict and strain the relationship. Among the most common problems: There never seems to be enough, or if there is, one person is upset about how the other spends it. It's the reason 45 percent of couples seek marriage counseling.

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Usually, one partner desires sex more often and on different terms than the other. Partners have different role expectations about who does what within and outside of the home. Couples may disagree over how to raise and discipline children.

Positive Communicators Fare Best These problems won't lead to marital meltdown if you can talk about them constructively with your partner.

Younger vs. older spouses

John Gottman, University of Washington psychology professor and founder of The Gottman Institutehas videotaped more than 3, couples to try and isolate the conditions that make relationships thrive or fail.

He's found that when discussing a problem, an unhappy couple starts out by criticizing a partner's behavior. Then comes an attack on the partner's personality or character, followed by expressions of contempt — a particularly corrosive factor.

Naturally, the attacked partner goes on the defensive, prompting a counterattack. A fight ensues, and needless to say, the problem is neither directly addressed nor solved. By contrast, happy couples use five times more positive behaviors in their arguments than negative ones, Gottman has found.

For instance, they draw on humor to relieve tension and pepper the conversation with expressions of affection to maintain calm.Kevin Leman believes your personality tendencies, your business savvy, your perspective on parenting, and your choice in a marriage partner are largely determined by birth order -- by whether you are the oldest, only, middle or youngest child.

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In today's excerpt Leman tells us which birth order pairs make the best couples and why. “So Grandpa” asked Dave at his engagement party “your marriage to Grandma is legendary everyone talks about how you two get along so well and never fight, what’s the secret to your marital success?”.

Recent Examples on the Web. Speaking of Kanye, his latest album gave us an insight into some of his marital drama. — Harmeet Kaur, CNN, "Quickly catch up on the day's news," 5 June The judgment in her divorce required Alexandre to give the deed of the former couple’s marital residence in Bridgehampton, New York, to Luann, who agreed to create a trust for her two children.

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Marital bliss

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Married people (43% very happy) are a good bit happier than unmarrieds (24%) and this has been a consistent finding over the years. It holds up for men as well as for women, and for the old as well as the young, though the marriage gap in happiness is not quite as great among the old.

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