Mma promotion business plan

Boston City Council president Stephen Murphy wants to ban underage fans from attending mixed-martial fights. Under his proposed resolution no one under the age of 18 would be admitted to a mixed-martial arts event at the Garden— even with adult supervision. Ultimate Fighting Dips a Toe Into the Mainstream There were forceful critics of these spectacles, people who thought a no-holds-barred fight was a shameful about-face in the march of civilization.

Mma promotion business plan

However, most promoters who try to get into the business or who are currently in the business have no connections whatsoever to the casino world. With promotions like the IFL sinking faster than a cement block in a body of water, what are some important lessons to be learned and studied for individuals who are bold enough to get into the MMA business?

We will take a look at 10 lessons that all promoters should consider before they even spend a cent producing an MMA event. Your name is not Vince McMahon.

How to Start a Promotion Company: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

You did not inherit a 3rd generation promotional company. Therefore, if you plan on giving up a steady-paying office job in hopes of chasing your dreams and making big money in MMA, stop considering those mma promotion business plan right now. End them, and in a hurry. Name me the promoters right now in MMA that are making a profit and not losing massive amounts of money.

Even rich people get tired of losing money in a hurry, too.

mma promotion business plan

A Heavy emphasis on local and regional promotion, media coverage, advertising, and pushing local talent is a key to moderate success in MMA. Most people who jump into the promoting business are dreamers who think that they can be national players starting with their first show.

The idea of getting television access and becoming a national player in is absurd.

Sherdog’s Top Regional MMA Promotions When we talk about mixed martial arts these days, it often feels like the acronym is effectively synonymous with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. As a business owner, this document helps you launch or grow your company and plan for the future. And as your company grows, it will guide your progress. Without a strategic document like . 1. Don’t bother promoting MMA shows if you plan on giving up your day job. Your name is not Vince McMahon. You did not inherit a 3rd generation promotional company. Therefore, if you plan on giving up a steady-paying office job in hopes of chasing your dreams and making big money in MMA, stop considering those dreams right now.

There is so much content right now on cable, satellite, and digital TV that being on TV means nothing any more. Work with big buildings and co-promote shows with them.

The building has open dates on its calendar and they want those dates booked. Scott Coker wants to run a show at a building like HP Pavilion but is not going to pay full price to do so.

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Time for a compromise. Buildings like HP Pavilion want to do business with individuals like Scott Coker and are more than willing to do a revenue split to get the building booked a few times a year for big shows.

mma promotion business plan

What is the advantage of a promoter working with a big building of this nature on a gate split? The building often has their own customer database list and can greatly assist in promoting shows on a local basis. Do not understand the power of the ground game.

Do not paper shows. There are two big reasons that you often see promoters willing to paper MMA events. One, they paper simply due to their own vanity and wanting a building to look as full as possible. Both of these notions are misguided.

Papering shows is a quick way of burning a town and more importantly, your own credibility as a promoter. The Internet is a great tool for national companies and political campaigns. Are those readers going to fly from Iowa to Florida to go watch every MMA show produced by that said promoter?

Mailing and customer database lists are all critical tools to have at your disposal. Sure, the Internet can be a great took to make money via ancillary methods merchandising. Your internet presence would be more than just a slew of press releases. It is a waste of your time. Second, sending out a bunch of press releases and hoping that they get picked up on Google means nothing in the end for your bottom line at the gate.

Your presence on the Internet should be a fully-functioning multimedia experience for users, featuring free content.

Videos, podcasts, RSS feeds, news updates, widgets, blogs. Everything that a savvy Internet user expects should be on your site. Be professional and the fans will look at you as such. Build a brand identity and keep it.Share Morning Report: Dana White says Chuck Liddell fighting for Oscar De La Hoya’s MMA promotion would ‘bum me out If they are going to partner up in the MMA business, nothing will make.

Breakthroughs happen when we think to combine old things in new ways.

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How to Start a Promotion Company: 14 Steps (with Pictures)