Multimedia assignments

Your information must come from at least TWO peer-reviewed sources.

Multimedia assignments

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Multimedia assignments

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Still, many science and technology mposium, cambridge, uk.Once you have arrived at a working definition [which is also an argument, by the way], you will want to begin thinking about different ways you might present your definition to the class in a multimedia format [through images, text, and sound].

Mike Heller, Departmental Teaching Fellow (Music) at Harvard’s Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, has created a two minute video on the five key considerations for designing multimedia assignments. These are: 1. Why create a multimedia assignment? What is the value added? 2. Be aware of the myth of the digital native. In a writing professor from CU Boulder and I co-hosted several teaching-with-multimedia workshops. Our audience was composed primarily of faculty from Colorado community colleges and our goal was to effectively walk attendees through the process of creating a working multimedia assignment. I’ve been compiling a list of resources for creating multimedia for faculty to use either for teaching or in thinking about tools students could use for course assignments or projects.

Assignments & Student Projects. View sample multimedia assignments and corresponding student projects. Assignments Transmedia Storytelling Project. Originally designed for Transmedia Television.

Multimedia assignments

The goal of this assignment is to create a working transmedia extension for a current or past TV program. Mike Heller, Departmental Teaching Fellow (Music) at Harvard’s Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, has created a two minute video on the five key considerations for designing multimedia assignments.

These are: 1. Why create a multimedia assignment? What is the value added? 2. Be aware of the myth of the digital native. We have a variety of resources available to support students who are working on creating or editing multimedia projects for academic purposes, as well as some collaborative multimedia workspaces.

Submitting Multimedia Assignments Submitting videos with Capturespace Lite VirtualSC also has a tool called Capturespace Lite that will let you record and upload videos. Course Description Multimedia is the combined use of text, graphics, sound, animation, and video.

A primary objective of this workshop is to teach participants how to develop multimedia programs.

ENG Multimedia Assignment