Robert gray meatworks

Robert Gray trained as a journalist and worked in Sydney as an editor, advertising copywriter, reviewer, buyer for bookshops and teacher of creative writing. He has been a writer-in-residence at several universities throughout Australia and across the world.

Robert gray meatworks

Robert gray meatworks

Born in Port Macquarie, raised in Coffs Harbour, worked in Sydney and now teaching in America, Gray presents an eclectic view of the world. He is also concerned about commercialism and the degradation of our towns and cities.

He has a precise grasp of sensory detail, often using all of the five senses. Yet it is the detachment and panning of a camera — a cinematic camera of moving images, often capturing the fleeting transitoriness of the passing moment.

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He combines the abstract universal contemplative issues with mundane grungy day to day living; allusions to Art and Literature related to local landscapes. As a modern poet, Gray relies on the linguistic features of strong verbs, truncated sentences and ellipsis — messages are implicit and we need to fill in the gaps.

The sparse or minimal wording requires us to engage our faculties to process our own interpretations. Like Emily Dickinson he uses punctuation; lots of commas, hyphens, dashes as a minefield of pregnant pauses forcing us to reflect on possible meanings.

Robert gray meatworks

This can provide us with a deeper and longer lasting satisfaction as we read and contemplate the rich textures and possibilities. His overriding themes include:Broome is a coastal, pearling and tourist town in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, 2, km (1, mi) north of urban population was 13, at the Census growing to over 45, per month during the peak tourist season (June to August).

Robert Gray Meatworks and Old House. have studied Robert Gray’s poetry relies heavily on imagery and symbolism.

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In turn this creates a picturesque tone in the poems. The poems “The Meatworks” and the “Old House” Robert Gray uses different techniques to emphasis the technique of imagery. The Meatworks. Most of them worked around the slaughtering.

out the back, where concrete gutters. crawled off. heavily, and the hot, fertilizer-thick, sticky stench of blood. sent flies mad, but I settled for one of the lowest-paid jobs, making mince, the furthest end from those bellowing.


As the title suggests, this poem raises a number of issues dealing with food and work. Most of us view our food from the safe perspective of a supermarket where meat has been cleanly sliced, hermetically sealed in pre - packaging and tantalisingly displayed.

Recognised as one of Australia’s foremost contemporary poets, Gray writes about what he knows, the Australian littoral landscapes; where land and water meet. Aug 26,  · Robert Gray is one of my much loved Australian poets.

His poetry has always made me want to ride a train through rural Australia with my field-notebook.

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