Solutions for juvenile school violence essay

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Solutions for juvenile school violence essay

One of the biggest problems which the United States is faced with is juvenile crime, including violence, especially in our schools. This outburst of violence with our juveniles is frightening, and sometimes I question myself about wanting to be in the situation; but then I just remember why I want to be there and the questions disappear.

I just feel that we, as parents, need to take care and claim responsibility for our children. Trust me, I understand how difficult it is to be a single parent, working full-time, and trying to create a better life for your family, but this all can be done and you can still raise a normal, outstanding, loving child.

I realize that sometimes things seem so overwhelming, but if you take a step back and look at the big picture, you will feel differently. These juveniles just normally want some attention, or are having some difficulty in life and feel that there is no other way to resolve issues than with violence or attention getting tantrums.

To me violence is not only a physical conflict, but I feel that sometimes the mental violence that these juveniles dish out is worse to take. Many experts and child psychologists feel that juveniles commit crimes due to several risk factors that begin at a young age.

Solutions for juvenile school violence essay

Some of these risk factors associated with juvenile crimes are poverty, repeated exposure to violence, drugs, easy access to firearms, unstable family life and family violence, delinquent peer groups, and media violence.

The most common of those factors being the demise of family life. The effect of the media on the juveniles today, and the increase of firearms available have also played a big role in the increase of juvenile crimes, especially in the schools.

Parents need to remember that children are curious and we need to dispose of or safety lock any firearms or other weapons away. If we prevent our children from any access to temptation, that is one step closer to a solution. The increase in family violence around our children is not healthy either.

Our children are like little sponges when they are young and absorb any behavior we portray good or bad. Many of these juvenile criminals have been abused or neglected and they also grew up in a single-parent household. Some symptoms of child abuse are high levels of aggression, any physical signs, dirty clothes or self and antisocial behavior.

These children are twice as likely to become the juvenile offenders. Also, improper parental care has been linked to delinquency such as mothers who drink alcohol or take drugs during pregnancy cause their babies to grow up with learning disorders, a problem which leads them to be juvenile criminals because they feel as if they do not fit in anywhere in society.

Another risk factor is the effect of the media on the juveniles of today.

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Before the time a child has reached seventh grade, the average child has witnessed 8, murders andacts of violence on the television. There is no doubt that heavy exposure to televised violence is one of the causes of aggressive behavior, crime and violence in society. Television violence affects youngsters of all ages, of both genders, at all economic levels, and all levels of intelligence.

Long-term childhood exposure to television is a casual factor behind one half of the homicides committed by juveniles in the United States. The increased availability of weapons legal or illegal has played aJuvenile Delinquency and Family Structure Obviously something is going on in today’s society if more and more children are committing delinquent crimes.

Sometimes a researcher has to get to what he or she thinks is the root of the problem to figure out what spawns a certain issue. Are smart guns a plausible solution to gun violence in the U.S.? Smart guns—for example, with biometric safeties that mean only the owner can use the gun—do sound great in theory.

Solutions. Space limitations here preclude extensive discussion of program options. 8 Although no program has been demonstrated through rigorous evaluation (of which there has been little) to be effective in preventing or reducing serious and violent youth gang delinquency, a number of promising strategies are available.

Preventing children and adolescents from joining gangs appears be the. Lack of education is another contributing factor to crime and violence in Jamaica. It is said that “Education is the key to success”, but sadly in this area, Jamaican youths are found lacking. Many young people have to drop out of school early for a variety of reasons.

Y outh violence Violence by young people is one of the most visible forms of violence. Both fatal and non-fatal assaults involving young people contribute greatly to the global burden of premature death, injury and A study of school-aged children in 27 countries found that the majority.

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