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Academic Writing for Graduate Students: This second edition builds on the first, in that it maintains the useful focus on discourse and genre, exploring the types of organization and characteristic functions found in academic texts. But within these parameters, the book has also been thoroughly revised, the range of sample texts has been updated and broadened in scope, and ongoing changes in the nature of academic writing for graduate students have been taken into account. I shall begin this review by outlining the aims and contents of this new edition of the book, then move on to an evaluation against the broad panorama of L2 writing research.

Swales academic writing

Print Research Articles RAs In a highly influential monograph, Swales introduces the genre called research article or research paper. The research article is a written text reporting on an investigation made by a researcher.

It is to appear or has appeared in a research journal or, less typically, in an edited book-length collection of papers. In turn, this means that there has been some sort of quality check through the scrutiny of journal editors and peer reviewers.

The research article RA is thus a fairly broad term since it is taken to cover the reporting of research activities in several disciplines, and, consequently, it does not lend itself to a clear-cut, uniform description.


The question, though, is whether an abstracted, overall organisation of the RA is discernable. A commonly used metaphor when trying to describe this organisation is the hourglass. The hourglass has a wide top and bottom, and a more narrow middle part. An illustration of the hourglass metaphor of RA organisation, taken from Hill et al.

The hour-glass model of article structure taken from Hill et al.

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However, it is important to remember that the hour-glass macrostructure of a RA is biased towards more experimental articles. It goes without saying that RAs in all disciplines are not in accordance with the hour-glass model or experimental for that matter, as pointed out by Swales For example, in a study investigating research articles in the subject of Astrophysics, Tarone et al.

Instead, they argued that an inverted pyramid structure, where authors moved from general physics to more specialised lines of argumentation, was used.

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Consequently, we must not assume that all RAs follow the hour-glass structure. By clicking on the tab called 'Three Versions of the RA', in the navigation menu to the left, you will be able to read about three different RA macrostructures: Of these three, the Experimental RA will be given more space and material, for the simple reason that this type has been subject to more research and investigation.Dessie Castle.

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John's primary research interests lie in written and spoken academic discourse. These interests are closely connected with his work in enhancing the advanced academic literacy of graduate students, both international and domestic.

The Convention Analysis Project is designed to investigate good models of academic writing in the professional nursing field.

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swales academic writing


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