Techniques of the movie freedom writers

Wednesday, 24 October Freedom Writers When I was finishing high school our class read the book Freedom Writers, I fell in love with this book the first time I read it. We watched the movie in our Culture and Diversity class last week because it tights so well into what we are learning. Our teacher outlined some questions to get our minds thinking and I think they fit well with what we are learning so I am going to use them in my blog.

Techniques of the movie freedom writers

The use of panning and zoom shots as a visual technique successfully portrays these students' ability to take in and process what they are seeing.

At the beginning of the scene, the camera focuses on black and white pictures of In the Holocaust scene of the Freedom Writers movie, the focal point is not as much the museum itself but the students' facial expressions and reactions to what they are experiencing while in the museum.

At the beginning of the scene, the camera focuses on black and white pictures of Jewish children. From the cards each student picks up upon entering the museum to the pictures displayed on the walls, each face represents a child that lived in the concentration camps.

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Their smiles and sparkling eyes convey their innocence and hope before tragedy hit. The camera's focus transitions to the students' faces as they walk through the museum and watch videos on what life was like in the concentration camps.

The raw emotions that the students experience span from sadness and pain to shame. Expressions of guilt and remorse flash across their faces when they see cartoon drawings of Jews' faces with big noses; it reminds them of the cartoon face one of them drew in class depicting a black man with puffy lips.

The reality of how horribly these children and families were treated hit close to home. When the students walk toward two brick tunnels, the camera shifts from their faces to the tunnels. This visual technique elicits curiosity, with the viewer wondering what the tunnels represent and which path the students will take.

Techniques of the movie freedom writers

As the frame expands, the two plaques above each tunnel draw the viewers' attention; one reads "Children and Others," the other "Able-Bodied. Finally, as the students walk out the museum doors, their awed facial expressions signify a new perspective and changed attitude.

It is as though they have finally realized that the world is bigger than they are, and what may have seemed important before doesn't hold the same value now. The visual techniques used throughout the scene capture the true essence of emotion and growth experienced by the students.In the movie Freedom Writers, we see that Erin Gruwell takes the kids to the Holocaust museum.

What visual techniques has there been used to show that these kids are realizing and want to make a. With the use of Gruwell’s engaging teaching techniques, % of her students, affectionately known as the Freedom Writers, graduated from high school, became co-authors of the New York Times bestselling book, The Freedom Writers Diary, and exceeded expectations by pursuing higher education and advanced degrees.

In order . What visual techniques are used in Freedom Writers? In the movie Freedom Writers, we see that Erin Gruwell takes the kids to the Holocaust museum.

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Film Techniques from Freedom Writers Movie. Music Maestroes. Throughout the movie, there was constantly hiphop and rap music to represent the gangs and violence. In the meaningful parts and speeches there is soft music playing in the backgroud- mainly gutair and piano.

Any every peice there is a steady drum beat.

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Feb 21,  · In the film Freedom Writers (based on true events), students at Woodrow Wilson High School resort to physical violence and shoot at other gangs.

A young and enthusiastic teacher, Erin Gruwell, wishes to make her class of at-risk teenagers read Romeo and Juliet but her colleague, Mrs. Campbell, tells her that the . Jan 20,  · The Freedom Writers found an outlet to express their angst and rebellion through the help of their mentor, their teacher.

Together, they mentally battled their way to survival. Sometimes the best way is the "write" way.

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