The importance of nature and landscape to the american life today

Janet Fish Janet Fish is a contemporary realist painter and printmaker who was born in Boston, Massachusetts inand was raised on the island of Bermuda. Her father was an art history teacher, and her mother, Florence Whistler Fish, a sculptor and potter. Bachelor of Fine Arts and M. Master of Fine Arts degrees in

The importance of nature and landscape to the american life today

He has always felt more comfortable outside the boundaries of traditional landscape photography where he felt greater creative freedom and satisfaction. A technically perfect and traditional photograph in the style of an Ansel Adams, be it in colour or black and white, left him uninspired.

That kind of work is the goal of most landscape photographers, so the number of competing images is ridiculous, and they all end up looking like each other.

I wanted to be able to enter a landscape with a different goal—that of interpretation rather than duplication. Very painterly and Turneresque, yet done in a very contemporary and often crisp style.

Copyright Frances Seward http: William Eggleston was already well into exploring colour as an art medium, however it was three particular photographers who pushed even further.

They started to use colour, not as a functional representation of the scene, but as the primary element in the design and form of the image. The contemporary world of colour photography owes a debt of gratitude to these pioneers. Pete Turner became a childhood hero of mine when I first became aware of photography as art.

He has inspired me ever since. Please enjoy these videos below on Pete Turner and his work. Copyright Pete Turner http: I enjoy the visual aesthetic, its dreamy sense of journey, as much as I do his technique in producing this work. Rob has his own way of interpreting a landscape.

Through being visually articulate and conceptually interesting, he has achieved the almost impossible task of making an essentially static process fluid. Things flow and merge, image into image, photographer into subject.

Echoes and reverberations resonate throughout his work. Copyright Rob Hudson http: He will immerse himself in almost pure space for weeks at a time, alone, just waiting for those moments. The traditional Inuit culture is so intrinsically a part of their landscape, and their environment is so much a part of their lives that culture and landscape become one powerful story.

Genres of photography need not stand in isolated silos. Documentary cultural photography can cross over with landscape photography.

The importance of nature and landscape to the american life today

His work broadened my views. Chris Friel Chris Friel breaks all the rules and in the process has carved out his own unique vision.

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It forms the bases of a worthy goal for any serious photographer who strives to produce work which stands out. Mark Olwick creates compositions and interpretations of subjects which I find to be fresh and different in composition, subject matter and treatment.

In doing so he pushes me out of my own comfort zone. His work is challenging and sets higher benchmarks in terms of what a landscape vision can be.The life and work of contemporary painter and printmaker Janet Fish.

Nature Poems - Poets have long been inspired to tune their lyrics to the variations in landscape, the changes in season, and the natural phenomena around them.

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Read a selection of poems about nature. A Florida tarpon guide, a Montana cowboy, and a Native American beauty queen walk into a bank on the Crow Reservation for a blood drive on a Friday. It’s not the setup for a joke; it’s just another day in Flip Pallot’s life. We sat amid flaming red porch posts at Abaco Lodge, looking east to.

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use of the American landscape importance of intuition. Subjects of Romantic writers. Nature-beauty, strangeness, wonder, mystery, respect for nature (generally) record of events in a persons life and of that persons.

Native American Life - Love of Nature and Strength of Spirit