The international library of essays in classical sociology

There are two features that all conceptualizations of class share. The first is that societies are organized unequally in a vertical fashion, with some people at the top possessing more power, income and wealth, and privileges than people at the bottom.

The international library of essays in classical sociology

About This Product Description This text provides a comprehensive examination of classical sociological theory by introducing students to the life, times, and ideas of the figures who have had the greatest influence on the development of the field.

Each chapter focuses on one theorist and his ideas, organized into a social and historical perspective. Students will enjoy reading the background information on each theorist covered in the book.

These include such interesting highlights as Comte's days in military school, the death of Durkheim's son in World War I, Spencer's inability to commit to marriage, and Hegel's illegitimate son. Taking a critical and reflexive approach, the text also discusses how classical theory affects sociology today.

Features Both authors are prominent scholars of sociological theory. Offers a balanced treatment of all the major classical theorists. Puts classical sociological theory into historical, social, and cultural context to show how theorists were responding to the issues and concerns of their time.

The international library of essays in classical sociology

Includes annotated bibliographies, biographical sketches, and glossaries for each theorist covered. The concluding chapter offers an evaluation of the achievements and limitations of classical theory, and of the relevance of classical theory in a postmodern age. Addresses issues of gender, race, and class on the development of classical theory in Chapter 1.

New To This Edition Now published in paperback, at a lower price than previous editions. Every chapter has been updated to incorporate new scholarship, especially the ones on Durkheim and Marx. The appendix on Web resources for the study of sociological theory has been thoroughly updated.

This edition includes a PowerPoint presentation with lecture outlines. Table of Contents 1. Ideology, History, and Classical Sociological Theory. The Rise of Sociology. Sociology as Science and as Value-Orienting Critique. The Institutionalization of Sociology. Enlightenment Philosophy and Classical Sociological Theory.

Social Evolutionism and Classical Sociological Theory. Sociology and Problems of Modernity.The international library of essays in classical sociology. series editors, Alan Sica and David Chalcraft. Ashgate. Reach your academic happy place with access to thousands of textbook solutions written by subject matter experts.

Series editor: David Chalcraft, University of Derby, UK and Alan Sica, Pennsylvania State University, USA This reference series collects together the best recent studies of classical sociological authors and key texts from within the ever-widening canon.

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The international library of essays in classical sociology

We have Max Weber (International Library of Essays in Classical Sociology) ePub, txt, PDF, doc, DjVu forms. We will be pleased if you will be back to us again. This bibliography of sociology is a list of works, organized by subdiscipline, on the subject of of the works are selected from general anthologies of sociology; other works are selected because they are notable enough to be mentioned in a general history of sociology or one of its subdisciplines.

Sociology studies society using various methods of empirical investigation to.

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