True blood essays

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True blood essays

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March Learn how and when to remove this template message The True-Born Englishman is a satirical poem published in by Daniel Defoe defending the then King of England Williamwho was Dutch-born, against xenophobic attacks by his political enemies, and ridiculing the notion of English racial purity.

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It quickly became popular. Defoe's argument was that the English nation as it already existed in his time was a product of various True blood essays European ethnic groups, from Ancient Britons to Anglo-Saxons, Normans and beyond. It was therefore nonsensical to abuse newer arrivals since the English law and customs would assure their inevitable assimilation: If foreigners misbehave in their several stations and employments, I have nothing to do with that; the laws are open to punish them equally with natives, and let them have no favour.

But when I see the town full of lampoons and invectives against Dutchmen only because they are foreigners, and the King reproached and insulted by insolent pedants, and ballad-making poets for employing foreigners, and for being a foreigner himself, I confess myself moved by it to remind our nation of their own original, thereby to let them see what a banter is put upon ourselves in it, since, speaking of Englishmen ab origine, we are really all foreigners ourselves.

In eager rapes, and furious lust begot Betwixt a painted Britain and a Scot. Whose gend'ring off-spring quickly learn'd to bow, And yoke their heifers to the Roman plough: From whence a mongrel half-bred race there came, With neither name, nor nation, speech nor fame.

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In whose hot veins new mixtures quickly ran, Infus'd betwixt a Saxon and a Dane While their rank daughters, to their parents just, Receiv'd all nations with promiscuous lust. This nauseous brood directly did contain The well-extracted blood of Englishmen.

True blood essays

This extract, the poem's first stanza, was used by historian and political scientist Benedict Anderson as an epigram for his book Imagined Communities discussing the origins of nationalism.Essays in Gratitude [D.

Elton Trueblood] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Great book! Meanwhile, Vandy’s guest appearance at a conference on “blood diamonds” in Kimberley is met with a standing ovation.

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