Two wheeler and four wheeler

A two wheeler insurance policy covers you financially against damages to your bike or scooter and injuries sustained by you due to unforeseen events such as accidents, thefts or natural disasters. Bike insurance policies also cover you against financial liabilities arising out of injuries or damages caused to third-parties in an accident. The costs involved can make a major dent in your finances.

Two wheeler and four wheeler

Two wheeler and four wheeler

The two-wheeler maker registered a growth of 22 per cent for FY, retailing 61,23, units, as opposed to 50,08, units in FY The Japanese manufacturer added an additional one million customers in the last financial year, creating a new world record.

Honda 's record sales come on the back of new launches, updated products and the growing demand for scooters, a segment that Honda leads in compared to competition. The two-wheeler maker introduced four new products in the last fiscal including the Cliq entry-level scooter, Africa Twin ADV, Grazia scooter, and the recently announced X-Blade commuter motorcycle.

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Speaking on Honda's sales performance in FY, HMSI - Senior Vice President - Sales and Marketing, Yadvinder Singh Guleria said, " is the year of rise of Honda in India and Honda 2Wheelers India is the only two-wheeler company in the world to grow at a pace witnessed never before, adding 1 million plus incremental customers in a single year.

Led by strong customer demand, Honda has surpassed its most challenging target ever and sales apexed at 6, units with 22 per cent growth. With four brand new models, new capacity infusion, addition of new network outlets increasing our reach to hinterlands, Honda successfully consolidated leadership further in scooter segment while aggressively gaining new motorcycle customers.same standard applies to two wheeler and four wheeler automobiles.

These standards are pretty old and need amendment as per trend change. Now a day‟s two wheelers are coming with higher capacity engine so the engine excitation and engine natural frequency has increased. III. Metodology.


The India Two-Wheeler Initial Quality Study (2WIQS) is based on evaluations from 10, owners who purchased a new two-wheeler vehicle between March and October The study includes 88 two-wheeler models from 10 makes.

Find the top two wheelers dealers, traders, distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers & suppliers in Mangalore, Karnataka. Get latest & updated two wheelers . "There I can definitely confirm that in addition to the electric work we do on three-wheeler and four-wheeler we are working very strongly on electric two-wheelers.

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Top Four Important Market Parameters for Two-wheeler Upside-down Forks Market Every industry has vital factors that drive it to the growth and maximise the profits, cut down the costs, and furthermore. This means charging motorised two-wheelers parking charges 1/2 the four-wheeler rate (as is common in Asia) seems rather unfair.

It also means that Park-and-Ride for motorcycles (or bicycles of course!) is much, much, MUCH more space-efficient than Park-and-Ride for cars (about which I .

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