What is the conclusion for eveline

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What is the conclusion for eveline

The story creates an atmosphere that immediately pulls one into the eyes of a, what was then, mature woman — nineteen-year-old, Eveline. The reader is brought through some early childhood memories up to her present day life, where it is then, that Eveline makes the final decision.

After taking note of the rather sheltered, confused, and attached life that Eveline had experienced, it is no surprise as to why her resolution was home.

Through the basis of her life, Eveline was undoubtedly a sheltered young lady. Eveline was so sheltered that she had built up a scare to do anything different or diverse in her life. Eveline was walking in uncharted territory, which most young women her age would have already experienced.

What is the conclusion for eveline

Her view was slightly off due to the way her mother had been raised. She had an image of a princess embedded deep in her head, an insight to a highly-viewed individual.

She was confused about whether to stay with her father and continue the normal daily routine, or rather open her eyes and breath new life into what she had been suspended of her entire life. On top of these conditions, Eveline was above all attached to the glorious remedy of her fair and loyal neighborhood.

Eveline had lived in this home since her childhood; it was her place, her life. Memories are sustained through high emotions, emotions that Eveline felt as she thought about her past. She was attached to her community, and nothing was going to take that away.

The choice that Eveline settled for are a result as to how she was raised, and of whom she interacted with. Her parents held a great influence over her life, and to follow her own flesh, was the resolved future for Eveline.Eveline Hill, a year-old woman who works in a Dublin shop, sits inside her family's house recalling childhood, including some happy memories as well as her father's drunken brutality to her and her siblings.

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