Wilson woodrow is to some extent

Or Send Your Contribution To: Within two years Germany had won the war.

Wilson woodrow is to some extent

But behind the scenes preparations were well under way for a blood bath the world would not forget for a long time. Most historians agree that the cause of war was actually a rather trivial dispute between Austria and Serbia. This was used by the hidden powers to realize the World War that Albert Pike had predicted more than forty years before.

Since the events of that war are generally known, I would like to concentrate here on the Russian side. Despite having the largest army in the world Russia was desperately under-equipped for any sizeable action. The revolution started in February when the Czar was deposed and a provisional government under Prince Georgy Luvov took over.

This government however did not succeed in staving off the national decline. The Illuminati plan seemed doomed. But Jacob Schiff and his Illuminati friends in the U. After arrival in Europe Trotsky went to Switzerland to meet with Lenin, Stalin, Kaganovich and Litvinov and to co-ordinate their strategy.

Perhaps it is interesting to note here that the heads and agents of all the nations involved in the war could meet in neutral Switzerland. The confederation was guaranteed neutrality forever by the powers of Europe.

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Or, does not such a safe place in the center of Europe fit the plans of the parties living off the war perfectly? Now the conspirators faced the question of how to get the rebels and equipment from Switzerland to Russia.

He had them all packed in a sealed railway carriage and made sure this passed safely through Germany to the Russian border. When the train stopped in Germany for the first time, two German officers got on to escort it. In July the conspiracy supported by the international bankers suffered a first setback and LENIN, another famous Khazar, had to flee with a few others to Finland.

But in November they were finally successful. And no wonder, if we look at the financial support they had following their training in New York. That name was not an accidental choice.

So it was very befitting to have the army carry a red emblem. It is now an established historical fact that most of the rebels led by Lenin were Jews. Remember that the Khazar empire had been conquered by the Varangians, later the founders of the Russian monarchy.

As you know, the Jews believe in revenge and never forget their defeats. According to writings of General A. Hanauer and Max Breitung in the U. The ambassador of the Russian Empire to the U.

Wilson woodrow is to some extent

In the same document it is stated that the German treasury released 15 million Marks to Russia one day after Lenin seized power. The bloody massacre of millions of Russians and the enslavement of further millions was however of scant interest to the international bankers on their way to world dominance.

The OCHRANA, the secret service found by the last Czar, consisted of several organizations that carried out all the usual functions of a secret service with secret agents, double agents, secret police and agents provocateurs. The Ochrana though was a very subversive and criminal group which greatly simplified the work of the Illuminati.

Agents steered many of its activities. The infiltration was so strong that in four of the five members of the Petersburg committee of the Bolshevik party were Ochrana agents. They channeled the funds that came from the international bankers to the Bolsheviks who could therefore suppress their strongest opponents, the Mensheviks and the Socialist Party.

After he deposition of the Czar in the Ochrana was officially disbanded, but it was rebuilt under the name CHEKA until in its membership was increased tenfold. The camps formed part of the Soviet economy and almost half the gold and chromium production was mined with forced labor by camp inmates.

Until the camps claimed the lives of about 4 million people.CHAPTER 20 AND THUS ENDETH FREEDOM IN AMERICA Towards the end of the 19th century the banks controlled by the Rothschilds started a big campaign to get the rich.

The two disillusioned co-authors excoriate Pres. Wilson for betraying Europe through his interference with the natural course of World War I.

Using second-hand and circumstantial armchair psychoanalysis, which they caution is a poor substitute for probing personal interviews, they ascribe the messianic megalomania Wilson displayed during the war to his veneration towards his father, a good.

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Lame Cherry April 25, @ pm. One must always be careful of the “smoking gun” as in reality there are a number of “smoking guns” in all situations. Corp. U.S. Mythology. This is a WARNING! Regardless of how much you have read, studied or “learned”, and regardless of how good it may have sounded, or how real it seemed at the time, it is possible that, regardless of the source, what you thought was true might simply be a myth.

Wilson's father was a Presbyterian minister from Ohio. His mother, Janet Woodrow Wilson, known as Jessie, was born in England, making Wilson the only president between Andrew Jackson and Barack Obama to have a foreign-born parent. Wilson’s parents moved from Ohio to the South prior to his birth.

Wilson woodrow is to some extent
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