Write about louis braille picture

At the age of three, the child was playing with some of the tools, trying to make holes in a piece of leather with an awl.

Write about louis braille picture

His father was one of the best harness makers in the area. He cut strips of leather and punched holes in the leather with sharp tools.

Louis had been warned that he was too young to play with the tools in the shop. Braille stepped outside the shop to help a customer.

write about louis braille picture

Louis thought he would try to punch a hole in a piece of leather just like his father did. He grabbed the tool and tried to push it through the leather. He tried again, pushing harder. The tool slipped from his hand and flew up and into his left eye. Louis screamed with pain. His parents, two sisters and brother ran to help him.

They put a cloth over his eye. There was no hospital in Coupvray.

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The closest doctor was very far away. They took Louis to a woman in the village who used herbal medicines to treat injuries and sicknesses. But his injured eye became infected and the infection spread to his other eye.

Within a short time, Louis lost sight in both eyes and was permanently blind. At that time, most people who were blind were helpless. They had to depend on others. Only the wealthy or those of a high position had any hope of getting an education or earning a decent living.

Many ended up becoming beggars. What would become of Louis? Braille carved a small wooden cane for Louis to help the boy feel things that were ahead of him when he walked.

When Louis was 6, a new priest came to town. The priest gave Louis lessons for a year, but Louis wanted to go to the village school with the other children.

So a classmate agreed to pick him up each morning and lead him to school. Louis listened to the teacher and memorized what he heard. He studied there for three years.

At times Louis was frustrated because he could not read or write.

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The priest and the principal thought Louis would do better in a school for blind students. It was in Paris, 25 miles away. He was only 10 and the school was very expensive. The priest persuaded his parents to apply.

The school accepted Louis and even paid for him to go to class and live there. The school was in a rundown old building.

It was damp and dark, and the students were given very little food. After his classes, Louis learned to play the cello and the piano.

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Louis was looking forward to learning to read. Unfortunately, there were very few books available for blind students.The Louis Braille Online Resource provides information about Louis Braille and the braille code he created.

Louis Braille was fifteen years old when he developed his raised dot method of reading and writing. He called it "my alphabet." His alphabet is now called braille in .

Read about Louis Braille and discuss how, at a very young age (15), Louis Braille invented Braille and how it is widely used today. Louis Braille: The Blind Boy Who Wanted to Read by Dennis B. Fradin () is a large picture book. Dec 13,  · It uses A Picture Book of Louis Braille by David A.

write about louis braille picture

Adler to teach children about Louis Braille and how people who are blind communicate through Braille. To be able to explain the story of Louis Braille and how he invented the Braille system; To learn how to write using the Braille system.

Louis Braille was a French teacher and inventor who is also credited with designing the coding system using a pattern of raised dots which can be used by blind people to read through touch. Louis Braille (/ b r eɪ l / ; French: ; 4 January – 6 January ) was a French educator and inventor of a system of reading and writing for use by the blind or visually impaired.

His system remains virtually unchanged to this day, and is known worldwide simply as braille. Louis Braille - Inventor of braille, a system of reading and writing used by people who are blind or visually impaired.

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