Write an essay on you are what you eat

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Currently, one-hundred and seventeen billion people in the United States are obese. One out of every four children in the average school in the United States is over-weight. In an effort to combat this growing obesity epidemic, concerned members of the school community have petitioned the GRCSS School Board, recommending that high-calorie beverages in school vending machines and high-fat-content food items currently available from the hot-lunch menu be replaced by more healthful alternatives.

Write an essay on you are what you eat

Agriculture and Food Lesson 9: Energy The Context Have you ever heard the terms carbon footprint or ecological footprint? Statements like these refer to how many of our daily lifestyle choices impact the Earth, its natural systems and resources.

And a major portion of that impact comes from the food we eat. Consider that the number one use of the resource we absolutely cannot live without is agriculture.

That is right, significantly and I mean significantly! In this writing assignment, you will explore how your food choices impact the planet and learn about changes you may be able to make to reduce that impact.

Write an essay on you are what you eat

In Part 1 you will learn how your decision to eat certain foods affect your carbon footprint on the planet. The Question 1 Begin by calculating your ecological footprint, using one of the following sites: Be sure to consider every step in the production process of those foods.

The origin of food In this part of the assignment, you will select a food you commonly eat, with at least five ingredients in it. I would recommend using a breakfast cereal or processed snack food, as both have many ingredients that may be easily researched.

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Be sure to include the miles traveled from where it came from to where you consumed it the food miles for those ingredients. Where do I begin? Honestly, it is difficult to know exactly where ingredients like high fructose corn syrup and whole wheat flour came from. However, you can do research to find the most likely source.

If you are eating Barilla brand pasta, the wheat is processed in Ames, Iowa. From there it likely goes to a distributor and eventually makes it from the store shelf onto your plate.

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The point is, this project will take some digging. Former students have even reported calling companies such as Frito Lay to find out where they got their potatoes! If done right, it can be an eye opening experience and interesting investigation into the United States food system.

In your response consider both a good and bad implication of having food ingredients and individual food items from many different places. Why or Why not? In your reflection, think not only about the three ingredients you chose, but your diet in general.

1. You Are What You Eat Essay You Are What You Eat Essay. Ashley Heitling Shamrock AP English Language and Composition 21 May The phrase “You are what you eat” has been around for the past thirty years and still holds true today. Long before the foreigner came, people teach by showing examples and explaining things. The old teaches the young what is good to eat and how to go about fixing it. No one worries about gaining weight having cardiac problem or even having high blood pressure. People only eat local food and they live long and stay healthy. In his article “What You Eat Is Your Business,” Radley Balko argues that the way the government is spending a lot of money for anti obesity measure is the wrong way to prevent obesity.

If you eat hamburgers, have you give thought to the meat, where it comes from, and how it is produced? Do you think there is a better way of eating that has less of an impact on our Earth?

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How does the government, media, and society in general encourage or discourage eating foods that are both good for the Earth and good for your body? Technicalities Crafting a short paper is often harder than a long paper!

Papers should be between and words. At the very beginning of your response, please type your word count in parentheses, for example: Your paper should be written using tight clear and concise prose that demonstrates the main point or points you wish to convey using a number of different themes or components of being locally and globally aware.

Any outside sources including the online lessons used to develop your response must have an accompanying citation. Be sure to also include a works cited page that is consistent with the citation style used to write your paper.

We use TurnItIn to scan all documents to detect unoriginal that is, potentially plagiarized content. Plagiarism, in any form, will not be tolerated and will result in a ZERO for the paper see syllabus for details about plagiarism.6. You Are What You Eat Essay You Are What You Eat.

children’s eating attitudes and behaviors are important in terms of children’s health. It is important to know how eating healthy and unhealthy can alter a child’s eating habit.

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In case you have to write an essay, eat something you like most. You can also go for a little walk or just open a window because fresh air is useful for your brain activity. Relax and Start Working.

Some even believe that you can eat what you want if you have a fast metabolism. But, it is a fact that you can be as skinny as you want to be, and still be unhealthy. Most people including the medical community equate lower weight with better health, but researchers say that, there is a thing as healthy obesity.

You are what you eat Essay YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT Eating Write a long essay about “You are what you eat”.

I think it is fair to say that what you eat affects your basic appearance, your well being and your future health. A good diet is central to overall good health. Essay on What You Eat Is Your Business - Should people be held accountable for what they eat.

Many believe that it is a matter of public health, but some think that it is the matter of personal responsibility.

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